Home Cooling Systems & Services

Keep your home's air conditioning system running at peak performance.

Our cooling services include:

  • Annual maintenance program available
  • Installation of new A/C units
  • Addition of zones to current A/C unit
  • Unit repairs & troubleshooting

Roman Cooling Services

$124.00 / $186.00
(hourly rate: day/night) 

Roman Oil is a registered Trane Dealer and our experienced technicians are trained in:

  • Service calls to correct no A/C
  • Advice on any abnormal conditions
  • Installation of new A/C units
  • Adding additional zones to current A/C unit

Installations will be quoted prior to job initiation with a proposal based on your individual needs.

Roman Air Conditioning Annual Tune-Up

$225.00 (+ parts)

We will perform the following to ensure your system runs at peak performance:

  • Replace standard filters
  • Check system temperatures
  • Clean electrical contacts
  • Clean outdoor condenser of leaves & debris
  • Lubricate motors
  • Check system operation including condensate pump and/or drains

We recommend tune-ups to be scheduled between April 1st and June 15th during normal business hours. Once your A/C unit has had our thorough servicing, you will receive our preferred service scheduling and a 10% discount on other A/C service calls throughout the year.


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