Heating Oil Pre-Pay Agreement

Current Customers

Customers of Roman Oil Company can conveniently complete their pre-pay agreement online through our online customer portal. If you are a current customer of Roman Oil Company, login to your account now to complete your pre-pay agreement.

New Customers

If you are not a customer of Roman Oil Company, we encourate you to fill out our new customer application form today.

About Our Pre-Payment Agreement - This program is currently OPEN.  Please log into your online account to see current pricing and plan information.

This is our original pricing plan designed to protect customers from fluctuating oil prices. The pre-payment program allows you to purchase your entire supply of oil at a special predefined rate. By purchasing your oil in advance, you no longer have to worry about what the price of oil will be throughout the heating season. You will be required to pay for your oil at the time of signing the contract.

  • You purchase a year’s supply of oil.
  • The price per gallon will never change on your prepaid gallons. Your rate only changes if you use more than your prepaid gallon amount.
  • You must be on automatic delivery throughout the year.
  • Due to unusually high daily price fluctuations, your pre-payment price is not set until payment is received.
  • These gallons must be used in the 2023-2024 heating season. The dollar amount of any unused gallons will be credited to your account after April 30, 2024.
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