Compare Our Heating Service Programs

At Roman Oil Company, we provide our clients with a variety of service programs that help to maintain the longevity and productivity of every furnace. From standard tune-ups to a full spectrum of preventive maintenance and upkeep, compare our programs to find out how we can provide you and your family with the peace of mind associated with a safe heating system.





  24 Volt Transformer    
  Air Filter (replaced once at tune-up)    
  Air Scoop     
  Altitude and Temperature Gauge     
  Automatic Feed (Not Electrical)     
  B&G and Taco Motors     
  Back Flo Preventor     
  Balancing Valve     
  Bearing Assemblies (B & G and Taco)     
  Blast Tube    
  Blower Bearings     
  Blower Belt    
  Blower Fan     
  Blower Motor    
  Blower Pulley     
  Blower Shaft     
  Boiler Drains     
  Burner Couplings    
  Burner Fan and Motor    
  Cad Cell Complete    
  Cad Cell Eye    
  Circulator Complete     
  Circulator Coupling     
  Circulator Motor (B & G and Taco)     
  Circulator Relay     
  Combustion Chamber     
  Complete Oil Cartridge    
  Day Labor (on parts covered)    
  Delayed Oil Valve     
  Draft Regulator    
  Electrical Wiring     
  Emergency Switch    
  End Cone    
  Expansion and Extol Tanks     
  Exposed Oil Lines     
  Fan and Limit Control    
  Firomatic Switch    
  Flange Gaskets     
  Flow Check     
  Fuel Pump    
  Gauge Glass and Washers     
  Ignition Transformer    
  Manual Water Feeds     
  Mixing Valves     
  Night Labor (on parts covered)    
  Nozzle Adapter    
  Oil Tank Guage    
  Oil Tank Valve     
  Oil Tank Vent Alarm     
  Oil Tank Vent Pipe     
  Radiator Bleeders     
  Relief Valve     
  Room Thermostat    
  Safety Control    
  Smoke Pipe    
  Steam Valves     
  Vacuum Out Boiler
  Zone Dampers     
  Zone Motors     
  Zone Valves (Taco and Honeywell)     
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