Heating Service & Maintenance Programs

Maintain the longevity, productivity and safety of your home's furnace.

Our home heating services include:

Roman Gold Program

Our most comprehensive maintenance plan offers worry-free protection that covers items ranging from standard burner parts to extensive plumbing work on your heating system. Over 98% of all service calls for Roman Gold are completed with no additional charge. This plan includes a thorough tune-up and annual maintenance, and provides coverage for parts and labor on over 70 components of your home's heating system including parts on your humidifier.

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Roman Silver Program 

Our Roman Silver Program is designed to provide coverage for most burner parts and controls. Under the Roman Silver Program, your unit will be tuned-up once a year, and any service calls on parts covered under the plan will be free of charge. This plan provides coverage on over 35 components of your home's heating system.

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Hot Water Heater Coverage 

If you have a separate oil-fired hot water heater, you may add Hot Water Heater Coverage to your service program. The additional coverage includes burner parts, aquastat, controls, and a tune-up that will be performed in conjunction with the tune-up of your heating system. This additional coverage does not include replacement of the hot water tank.

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Oil Tank Coverage 

Coverage on your oil tank can be added to either your Roman Gold Program or Roman Silver Program. Coverage for your oil tank is limited to replacement or repair of a leaking tank. Specifically excluded from coverage is cost of repairing concrete floor, any contaminated soil, loss of oil, or disposal of tank. Tanks are subject to inspection prior to coverage.


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Heating System Tune-Up 

We recommend heating systems be serviced annually. During a tune-up, the technician will vacuum the heating unit, change the nozzle and filters, and adjust controls for economical and efficient operation. Service calls are not covered and will be billed at the prevailing rates.

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