Pricing Programs

I want to protect my price, but what program is the best for me?

The answer depends on how much you want to protect. Because the budget cap program protects you from rising and falling oil prices, it has the least risk and is therefore the safest program to sign up for. It also lets you pay monthly instead of the big upfront cost with prepay. If you don't like the idea of paying an added insurance cost, you can still protect yourself from rising costs with the prepay pro-gram. Since it is a one time charge, you don't have to worry about any oil bills the rest of the year. Both programs are helpful depending on what your need is.

What is needed when I sign up?

You should have an idea of how many gallons you want to secure. The office can tell you what you have used in the past if you need help. If you are singing up for the prepay program, you will need a check or credit card for the entire amount. If you sign up for the budget cap program, you will need to pay the first month with the option for auto pay for the remaining months. EFT and credit cards will be accepted online. Checks, credit cards and cash will be accepted in the office.

Why is there an added fee for the budget cap program?

When you sign up for the budget cap program, we enter into a con-tract with our supplier to guarantee the price. We purchase an insurance from our supplier to also guarantee that if the price drops down, we will get the lower price. We do not mark this insurance up when we sell it to you, and it allows you to get the lower price should it drop as well.

Why do I have to pay the entire amount of my prepay upfront?

Unlike the budget cap program, the prepay program is purchased as a one time contract with our supplier. In turn, we charge a one time charge to our customers to be able to secure that rate.

Why is the contract price different from the daily price?

Although we are guaranteeing a rate with our supplier, that rate is based off of future oil prices which may or may not be different from today's price.

Why should I buy my oil now if it isn’t always the lowest price?

Traditionally the lowest price has always been in the summer. This isn't always the case, but by locking into a price now, you are taking the uncertainty out of your heating costs. If you know you can afford the lock in rate, you won't have to worry about rising costs over the winter. If you are worried that the price will go down, the budget cap will protect you against that as well. Either way, you can plan for your heating costs now and not have to worry about them later.

Are there any changes to the program from last year?

Yes - New laws have dictated the time frame which we can sell these programs. We are now unable to offer the programs from the months of Nov - March. Also, if you pay by credit card for a prepaid guaranteed heating fuel price plan contract, you may be entitled to recovery payments pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Billing Act or your credit card company's terms and conditions if heating fuel is not delivered to you in accordance with the contract. To offer more options for our customers, we are now accepting Dis-cover in addition to MasterCard and Visa.

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