Is Discount Oil Really Saving You Money?

“Discount” oil companies don't save you as much as you think – and here’s the proof. Before signing up with one of these companies, see how valuable our cleaning and support services really are. Use the tool below to compare the real cost of discount oil.

On average, how many gallons of oil do you use in 1 year?

The average customer uses 700 gallons of oil per year.

Is discount oil saving you at least the amount in Column B?

Based on your service and cleaning needs in column A, discount oil would need to save you at least the amount in column B.

Your service inclusions for 1 year
Savings needed (per gallon)
No Contract, Just 1 Cleaning $
Gold Contract with 1 Cleaning & 1 Service Call (typical*) $
Gold Contract with 1 Cleaning & 2 Service Calls $
Gold Contract with 1 Cleaning & 3 Service Calls $

Calculate Your Service Costs:

Adjust the numbers below with your estimated service and cleaning costs and see how the discounted gallons would need to change. Roman Oil's Gold Contract includes most needs, with no additional fees.

Roman Oil Our Competitors**
Gold Contract - Over 98% of all service calls for Roman Gold are completed with no additional charge $304.95 None
Annual Cleaning Included*** $
Service Call Hourly Rate Included**** $
Avg Hours Per Service Call 2   
Avg Cost of Parts Per Service Included $

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More Benefits of Roman Oil

Roman Oil is a full-service company that provides quality oil with necessary cleaning and service. Our qualified staff keeps your heating and cooling systems in top-shape so that you never have to worry about your family's comfort. We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Unique Roman Oil Blend with Beckett UltraGuard
  • Several Heating Service Programs
  • Annual Cleanings
  • Equipment Repairs and Replacements
  • Preventative Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Installation Services
  • Certified, Trained, and Experienced Staff
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • Prepay & Budgetcap Options
  • Online Account Access
  • Credit Options (No Cash Only Deliveries)

* An average customer experience has approximately 1 service call per year.
** Average variables based upon research of 3rd party service providers in the local market.
*** An annual cleaning is included for Roman Oil Gold Contract customers. For Roman Oil delivery-only customers, an annual cleaning is offered at a discounted rate of $180.
**** Our hourly rate for Roman Oil clients who are not in a service program is $114 per hour.

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