Service Program Conditions

Service calls made after regular working hours, on weekends, or on holidays will be made only for "no heat" emergencies. Non-emergency calls made after hours will be billed at the prevailing rates.

When a no-heat situation exists during the day, we must be allowed immediate access to service the unit. If service work is requested after the normal working hours for your convenience, the labor will be billed at the prevailing rate.

Emergency calls resulting from failure of oil burner caused by flood, fire, lightening, power failure, city water pressure in excess of 75 lbs., blown fuses, switches that are turned off, heating systems flooded by water or excess oil, no water in the boiler, insufficient draft supplied by customer's chimney, or other conditions beyond our control will be billed at prevailing rates.

  • Automatic flue dampers and power ventors are not covered.
  • Replacement of entire burner, boiler, hot water tank, or furnace is not covered.
  • Air handlers in hydro-air system, including blower, motor, coil, and controls are not covered.
  • Replacement of tankless coil, coil gasket, hot water coil, or steam coil is not covered.
  • Replacement and inspection of anode rods are not covered under any maintenance plan.
  • Cleaning of tankless coils, replacement or repair of steam low water cutoff, thawing frozen pipes, or other piping repairs are not covered.
  • Ductwork and power humidifiers are not covered.
  • Obsolete burners and parts are not covered by our contract. All repairs and modernizations will be done at the prevailing rates.
  • Service calls due to false carbon monoxide detection will be billed at the prevailing rates. 
  • Prices for all service contracts are intended for residential systems (under 2.00 GPH). Costs for larger units will be given upon request.
  • $75.00 allowance will be made for 1/2 HP and larger blower motors.
  • Heat exchangers on boilers and furnaces are not covered under any contract. 
  • Fuel oil problems caused by outside tanks that are not treated with Low Pour additive are not covered.
  • Warm air system with air conditioning: the coverage does not include motors, zone dampers, blower parts, or any repairs from April 1 to October 1.
  • Parts damaged by customer are not covered.
  • Underground tanks and underground oil lines are not covered. Above ground oil tanks are not covered unless an additional policy is purchased separately.
  • These plans are in force only for customers whose entire oil requirements are supplied by us on an automatic basis for the entire year. These plans are transferable to new occupants only if prior arrangements for oil and service have been made with this office. No refunds are allowed on contracts for any reason.
  • If full credit terms for oil and service are not met, these plans will be void.
  • All service contracts are in force for one year and will be renewed automatically at the prevailing rate unless written notice is given to Roman Oil Company. If a service policy is not paid within 60 days of the renewal date, Roman Oil will cancel the contract.


The Roman Silver Program does not cover repairs involving plumbing such as replacing water gaskets, automatic feeds, manual feeds, zone valves, power heads, extrol tanks, expansion tanks, mixing valve or flow valves or any plumbing of domestic hot water.

  • Circulators and their parts are not covered under the Roman Silver Program.
  • Zone damper systems and repairs to blower shaft and bearings are excluded.
  • Combustion chambers are not covered.


The Roman Gold Program and the Roman Silver Program contracts begin the first of each month, expire one year from the effective date, and will be renewed automatically. Scheduling of tune-up is the responsibility of the customer. Please call the office for an appointment. There will be no credits issued for annual maintenance not performed. Prices listed in "compare programs" may not accurately reflect the current prices of those parts. These prices are subject to change.

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