Our History

It All Started in 1936

Our story began in 1936 when Chet Roman founded Roman Oil Company while completing his senior year at Meriden High School. He began the business by delivering ice, coal and range oil on nights and weekends to homes in the surrounding communities. Soon his customers depended on him to keep their families warm and safe at all hours of the day and his commitment to customer service became the cornerstone of his growing business.

From Father to Sons

As his business continued to grow so, did his family. Soon his sons, Ed and Dan, began helping their father. As time passed and technology advanced, the business transitioned from ice, coal and range oil into a full service oil company. Chet continued to foster relationships and embed Roman Oil into the community until his unexpected death in 1975.

Ed and Dan took over the business at a young age and carried on their father's memory by remaining committed to providing the best service and treating their customers like they would a friend. For the past three decades, they have continued to grow the business and recently trained their own children to carry on the legacy of Roman Oil Company.

Third Generation Continues the Legacy

As the third generation enters into the business, Roman Oil is now, more then ever, committed to remaining a family-owned and operated business. Julie and Kevin have already made an impact by expanding the business to offering air conditioning service. The true history of Roman Oil lives in the hearts and memories of our long-standing customers, whose loyalty and honor embody the spirit of Chet Roman and define the founding principles of our company. With this knowledge, the next generation will continue to provide excellent service to all clients.

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